Main Courses

Baked peppersteak(Entrecota)with fried potato farl, red wine - blackcurrant sauce and fresh salad17.70 €
Baked peppersteak with garlic potato, red wine - blackcurrant sauce and fresh salad21.90 €
Roasted beef with garlic and herbs butter, potato sectors, marinated beet and fresh salad17.70 €
Beef with mushroom sauce, potatos with herbs and vegetables17.70 €
Juicy roasted pork with boiled potatos and fried cabbage13.80 €
Baked pork hock with sauerkraut, dill pickle and baked potatos ( for two)23.90 €
Lamb hock with baked potatos, red wine-blackcurrant sauce and honey vegetable18.90 €
Salmon with potato- cucumber salad and honey vegetables18.90 €
Pike perch in creamy sauce with boiled potato and fresh salad17.20 €
Baked perch fillet with boiled potato and cottage cheese salad17.20 €
Roasted Chicken fillet with mashed potatos and green peas, with vegetables and creamy sauce12.90 €
Roasted Chicken with tomati garlic sauce, potato with herbs and cucumber salad13.90 €
Variety of sausages with baked potato and sauerkraut12.90 €
Wellbaked mushrooms and vegetables with cheese cover12.80 €