A Little Snack

Cheers - bread with sprat and vodka shot     
4.90 €
Garlic breads and sour cream sauce with chive
3.90 €
Salt beens with bacon3.90 €
Onion rings3.90 €
Fried and marinated Baltic herring fillets with rue bread and fresh cucumber salad     4.90 €
Variety of cheese made in Estonia9.90 €
Eel snack12.90 €
Fishplate12.90 €
Meatplate for beer lovers (for two people )13.90 €
Tõnisson`s sandwick with pork or chicken8.30 €
Herring with boiled potatoes, sour cream and red onion7.90 €
Sauerkraut Mulgi style with boiled potatoes7.90 €